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    Before the three of them's first attack succeeded, the old scholar saw this, and before moving, he raised the feather fan in his hand, activating the feather fan with profound energy. , and a majestic light flashed like Endless Light under the sky, following the fan The wind rose rapidly, the fiery light condensed into a beam, rushing straight into Wang Shi's face.

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    The blue sky falls, the golden stream gently sinks, the domineering soulmate turns into an abandoned tomb;

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    In the sky, a hawk passed by, looking very warily at a cow not far away. The cow was actually flying in the sky, which was the first time the young eagle students saw it. Goshawk felt scared by this and was very wary. Not only did the cow fly in the sky, but there was also a person sitting on the cow. The cow is a dragon, with a bell and a Qiankun bag hanging around its neck. The man riding the buffalo was dressed in white, with a golden knife randomly stuck in his belt. "Why don't you go?" Zhang Ning bowed his head, touched Niu Er's head and asked. "Hungry." Niu Er turned his head and said sullenly. “Why do you feel hungry?” Truong Ninh shook his head, very strange. You must know that a monster like Niu Er can survive by breathing the aura of heaven and earth, so how can it be hungry? “Maybe it's because I'm about to grow up?” Niu Nhi suddenly glared and said excitedly. “Are you still a child?” Truong Ninh was extremely surprised. He knew that Nguu Nhi had lived for a long time. Could it be that he was still in his infancy? “I am no longer a child, but I will experience many growths in my life.” Niu Er shook his head like a rattle, then he walked towards the nearest big city. "It's okay, I want to eat. I smell the fragrance of tofu." Niu Nhi is a salaryman, working for Truong Ninh, but at this moment, the salaryman is going against his master's wishes, like a puppy. are having fun. Zhang Ning couldn't stop him, so he let it go after thinking about it. You can't let the cows eat grass, right? Niu Er turned into a wind and landed in a remote corner of the city. Then, it rolled in place and turned into a short, big-breasted, and beautiful girl. "Master, let's go." Niu Er pushed Zhang Ning, and the two headed towards the city together. This city is not small, but it is very prosperous and bustling with people. Niu Er had a good nose, so he took Zhang Ning to a khao tofu stall on the street. Niu Nhi sat down, patted the table and said: "Boss, here are twenty bowls of tofu, all must be salty, but ten bowls of spicy sauce, ten bowls of non-spicy sauce." A girl with bull horns, this girl has a pair of large murder weapons. When he shouted again, there were no rules, and it really attracted everyone's eyes. The tofu seller said thoughtfully and worriedly: "Dear customers, is twenty bowls enough?" Seeing this, Truong Ninh took out a large silver coin from his pocket and placed it on the table. He smiled and said: "Boss, how many tofu brains do you want, half with sauce and half without sauce?" “No need to search.” “Arrogant boss” Boss Doufunao felt relieved, his heart was full of joy, he quickly accepted the money, then hurriedly prepared the Doufunao. Niu Er's nose was very sharp, he turned to look at the street vendor next to him, the boss was in chaos. Niu Er shouted again: "Boss, you can add as much as you want to Chaos, half with spicy food and half with non-spicy food." He is a fast learner. Zhang Ning then took out another silver ingot from his pocket and threw it to the boss selling Chaos. Then, a magical scene appeared on this bustling street. A young man dressed in white, a girl "wearing" horns on her head, a bowl of Chao and a bowl of Tofu Nao. Eat as much as you want, your stomach feels like a bottomless pit. The common people were of course surprised, but those with knowledge knew that these two people were probably both gangsters, and only gangsters had such terrifying digestive abilities. "This is the world, you can eat whatever you want. Listen to King Thoi's words and go to the underworld to become a general, deal with demons every day, and just drink a little wine. What's the fun in that?" Zhang Ning held a bowl of Tofu chua, Every small sip of food, just feeling that the world is good, and the world is good. Staying for a while, the two masters and servants rode the clouds and mist to Thien Dang mountain. On the seventh day of September, the sky was clear and the sun shone brightly. On Tiandang Mountain, everywhere in Tiandang city, red hydrangeas hang, smiling brightly. Although Ninh Han did not care about these things, the members of the Divine Sword Sect were all very dedicated. The birthday party was held at noon. There is a main hall of the Divine Sword Sect on Tiandang Mountain, called "Baichuan Hall", which means the sea includes all the rivers, and it shows that the Divine Sword Sect has the ambition to win the world and dominate Qi . Baichuan Hall occupies a very large area, and it is very refined and prosperous. Each column is taken from "Ning Xiangmu" in the south, which is not only tall and straight but also exudes a sweet fragrance. The fragrance is durable and can last for hundreds of years. Such a pillar costs more than ten thousand. It fully demonstrated the unparalleled financial resources and power of the Divine Sword Sect. But with a great hall and countless luxurious houses, Ninh Han lives alone in that thatched hut, she really has everything she wants and only power. Use heaven and earth as a castle, use the sun, moon and stars as walls, use stars and galaxies as silk and satin. Really proud. Baichuan Hall is the main hall, which is usually not open. This was leader Ninh Han's birthday, so the birthday party was naturally held in Bach Xuyen Hall. There were thousands of experts or ministers attending this meeting, covering the entire Jianghu. One table has eight people, some have a hundred people. Each table is made of northern "Ruanshan" mahogany, which is not only unique in material but also skillfully crafted, extremely delicate and luxurious. Countless maids interspersed among them, ordering dishes and cold drinks. Even cold dishes are rare delicacies for common people, and wine is made with flowers. It comes from the Xichuan Sun family and is world famous. Not to mention the time when the Blood River Sect dominated Dai Te in the past, in the past thousands of years, there has only been such an important occasion in the rivers and lakes. Not long after, the cold dishes were ready. The representatives of the major powers in Jianghu, the masters, under the leadership of the disciples of the Divine Sword Sect, entered the "Baichuan Hall" and sat down. Each person has a beautiful maid to serve them. Experts from all walks of life, representatives of major powers, were seated according to their status and strength. But the nine main forces are special. The original layout was a table for eight people, but people from the nine major powers were arranged at a table, with one more seat than a normal table. Monk Yuanxiu and Zhan Tianya sat next to each other, the monk was greedy and did not talk about politeness, monk Yuanxiu held chopsticks and poured Baihuaniang, he drank wine and ate vegetables, feeling very uncomfortable. Except for monk Yuanxiu and Zhan Tianya, the other seven representatives of the nine major powers present were all more or less majestic. I just feel that there is no good party, but that is the Hong Mon party. Wuwang Pavilion, represented by Wang Tiejian, is a local tycoon and ranked in the middle position. Although Jue Dian City is low, it also belongs to the first-class powers in Jianghu, and the prodigal son Tianya is ranked at the top. Thousands of masters, or representatives of various forces, came to the Bach Xuyen hall and sat down quietly, very quiet, as if they were working hard at a big party. Only monk Yuanxiu ate and drank neatly, which attracted everyone's attention. Not long after, there was an announcement. "The leader is here." Everyone couldn't help but raise their heads and saw high-ranking members of the Divine Sword Sect enter through the back door, Thien Cau Vuong Tieu Cau, left guardian Ly Thanh, right guardian Wang Thuy, elder Liu Hai, etc., recently. are all famous in the world, as a master, he is also a loyal henchman of Sheng Ningxin, the leader of the Divine Sword Sect. The crowd surrounded Ninh Han, and Li Lele entered Baichuan Hall. After entering Bach Xuyen Hall, the masters of the Divine Sword Sect also sat down, only Ninh Tam sat on the golden chair of the leader, placed the knife in his right hand, closed his eyes and meditated. like a statue. This birthday boy seems to be a statue. The masters present felt more and more that this banquet was a banquet without a delicious banquet. Under such circumstances, Li Lele stood up, smiled, poured wine, raised his glass and said: "Today is my host's birthday. I really thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday. I will wait for you." to the leader first and invited you to make a toast. After Li Lele finished speaking, he raised his head and drank it all in one gulp, and finally turned the bowl of wine over to show that there was not a drop of wine left. The masters poured the wine one after another, also wanting respect Li Lele. But Li Lele smiled and said: "Today, the leader of my family is the one celebrating his birthday. You may want to respect my leader. "Longevity is better than Nam Son" comes alive. Ninh Han opened her eyes and said: "Nguyen Bach Hoa has enough delicious seafood today, you can eat and drink to your heart's content." Her face was expressionless, her voice emotionless, like ice. The experts made a fuss again and lamented that the leader of the Holy Sword Sect, Daosheng Ningxin, was really domineering and arrogant, and did not keep an eye on the hero. But the other party has such status, so what can I do. There was no delicious food in this banquet, it was very boring. Many experts want to end it quickly and then return to their homes. Staying in this magic knife sect is really uncomfortable. Even more annoying. Today is Ninh Tam's birthday, and Ninh Tam is sitting in the position of team leader, closing his eyes to rest, exuding a cold breath, who can be in a good mood? Who can laugh? For a while, the Baichuan hall was very dull, and the dining sounds were extremely low. Wrong, most people are very humble. But monk Yuanxiu was very proud, holding chopsticks to eat and drink with a smile on his face. "This chicken is not an ordinary chicken, its taste is very unique. I remember that this is a chicken raised by cattle in the south, raised with medicinal herbs, all of which are precious medicinal herbs. When this chicken grows up, it will is a medicine that will disappear.. It is not only delicious, but can also truly enhance one's energy. Monk Yuanxiu smiled brightly, stretched out his hand to pick up the chicken feet, his mouth was full of oil, and he said it very delicious. But other people are not in a good mood like monk Nguyen Tu, even Chien Thien Nhai also feels the solemn atmosphere, don't be too arrogant, just eat quietly. There are many dishes, there are goods. hundreds of dishes, and they were served one after another. Half an hour after eating, except for monk Yuanxiu who ate happily, the rest just ate in silence. Including Li Lele and Divine's top manager Sword Sect. Of course, there are times when the dishes are washed. After clearing the dishes, the maid picks up a handkerchief and gives it to the master to use to wipe his mouth. "Thank you, young lady." The son of Thien Nhai reached out to take the handkerchief and spoke frivolously to the maid. The maid was very calm after a long time on the battlefield, she only glanced at the prodigal son at the end of the world. . This is a small episode. But it is enough to make Tianya's prodigal son become the most noticed person besides monk Yuanxiu today. Seeing everyone's eyes focused on him, the son prodigal Tianya couldn't help but shrug her shoulders, bowed her head and pretended to be an ostrich. Keeping a low profile. At this time, Ninh Han opened her eyes, then said without changing her face: "Eat what you should eat, drink what you should drink, talk business. I want this world, including Phap Hoa Pagoda, Xuan Vien Palace, Chien Gia Bao, Son Duong Family, Xuannvmen, Baiyijiao, Tiejianmen, Ci'enmen, Lingyingshan, to pay "tribute" to the Divine Sword Sect every year, Whoever accepts, whoever refuses." the birthday boy in history. Simple and rude. "The prodigal son Tianya shrugged and thought to himself. No joy, no good words. Just insensitive, just straightforward and domineering. Not even a lie. If you are an individual, you should cover up this aspect. For example, in a river or lake dispute, if you don't die today, he will die tomorrow. Rivers and lakes need order and voice. An overlay is necessary. I would rather have someone willing to be the ruler, maintain order in the world, and avoid loss of life, what do you think? There is no cover-up, who is convinced and who is not is directly decided. If you believe, there's no need to say much. If you don't believe, then tomorrow you'll find a place to sit and find a saint. Authoritarian, straightforward. Everything depends on Ninh Tam's strong strength and the invincible spirit of the Divine Sword Sect. The so-called birthday is just an excuse to invite famous experts in the Great Qi jianghu, or powerful representatives, to attend. There was only one purpose, to declare to Daqi Jianghu that Ning Xin would be the lord of Daqi from now on, and the entire Daqi had only one voice. That is Ninh Han's voice. The owner of the Divine Sword, Ning Xin. Certainly, there are no good parties. There were more than a thousand people present, and there were also people who had not surrendered to the forces of the Divine Sword Sect, such as Majiazhuang, Xichuan Jinliumen, and some scattered people from Jianghu. There were also some people who surrendered, but did not believe in the Divine Sword Sect. So there was some chaos suddenly. Because some people think that this is an opportunity, a chance to overthrow the Ma Dao sect. Now Daqi Tiantian, of course the sword sect is the strongest, but is it really invincible? unnecessary. If the whole world rose up to attack it, the Divine Sword Sect would still be nothing more than deaf ears. And there are thirty-six first-class powers and nine major powers in the latest rankings. Lotus Temple, Xuanyuan Palace, Zhanjiabao, Shanyang Family, Xuannvmen, Baiyijiao, Tiejianmen, Mercymenmen, Lingyingshan, among the thirty-six powers there is a top city that is absolutely unfathomable and extremely low. Jue Dian City can compete with nine major forces, meaning there are ten giant forces present here and they are organized. Can they surrender? Will surrender? Many interested people focused their eyes on the monk Yuanxiu sitting at the table and the prodigal son sitting on the high chair. "What do you think I'm doing? I don't want to cause trouble." Thien Nhai, the prodigal son, held up a white paper fan, looked at everyone bewilderedly, and thought to himself. Don't talk about these ordinary experts, even among the nine major forces, many of them have wandering minds. Monk Yuanxiu knows the secret, so it doesn't matter, ten years of disaster. Zhan Tianya also knows the secret. Since the last decisive battle between Ning Xin and Zhan Tianqing, the Zhan family has been devastated. Even if they didn't know the secret, Zhan Tianya would keep a low profile. And slime, let's talk about maintaining Zhanjiabao. It's hard to defeat a hero with even a penny, so you have to bow your head. As for other major forces, Baiyi Sect lost Wu Xionglie, and its momentum also declined. However, Hien Vien palace, Son Duong family, Huyen Nu Mon, Linh Cuu mountain, Thuong Mon, Thiet Kiem Mon were not injured, their strength was deeply ingrained. They naturally did not want to submit to the Divine Sword Sect. First, there is "tribute money" for no reason, and second, martial artists are naturally arrogant. However, the remaining six great powers are definitely no match for the Divine Sword and Spear if they are used alone, they need everyone to fight together. Because the representatives of the six great powers present only made eye contact. If everyone agrees, it will be reversed. The masters present killed the Divine Sword Sect first, then gathered all the heroes from all over the world to destroy the Divine Sword Sect. But not good. Because the Yuanxiu monk was completely uncommunicative, Zhan Tianya bowed his head, Tianya's prodigal son was also an ostrich, and the person in Baiyi shook his head clearly. So in this huge Baichuan hall, there was no one who refused to accept it! ! ! Silence is compliance. Whoever has the heart to resist will feel cold inside. "This Great Qi River Lake really belongs to the Divine Sword Sect, the nine great powers, the Great Dien City, it's just nonsense. With such a powerful force, you don't dare to resist."

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    Ah Fu was afraid that Ling Langya would fall to the ground like Hu Xu, so he just held his hand and didn't let go. When he heard the word "cultivation", he suddenly thought of the rumor, thinking that he was a local. At that time, I was punished by the landlord to stay here and watch the night. Although I had a headache for the next few days, my life was not in danger. Thinking of this, his blood surged and he said: "I'll go save him, I'm a local, so I'm not afraid." Having finished speaking, he buried his head and rushed forward.

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    However, Zhang Ning and Li Yuanba did not enjoy this wonderful party. There were too many visitors and the Dragon Palace Hall could not accommodate it. Furthermore, birthday parties in the workout world are different. Old dragon king Mosheng has lived for three thousand years, can he eat cheap food and wine? And as long as food and drinks are expensive, they can only eat in moderation. For example, the delicious wine of Vinh Ninh Ha Long Palace and Vinh Ninh Long Wine can only be enjoyed by the Soul Realm and the Golden Dan Realm. The Golden Dan Realm can only eat a small bowl. If you eat too much, you will have problems. topic. With Zhang Ning and Li Yuanba's cultivation, they could only eat what they could afford at the moment. So, after Li Yuanba and Monk Faxiu went to the main hall to celebrate the birthday of the old dragon king Mo Sheng, Li Yuanba and Zhang Ning were separated from Monk Faxiu and taken to a side hall by the clam girl. In the hall there were many young men with cultivation levels like Truong Ninh and Ly Nguyen Ba. If you look closely, many of them were the young men who spoke at Purple Star Palace that day. Cheng Jianguang of the Longmen sect, Li Xiukong, the fifth prince, and others. Twenty-two. They are basically young disciples who follow their elders to see the world. The banquet is divided into several meals, each person has a seat, they just need to kneel down and sit down. Each seat is served by a courtesan, and the food and drinks are also different. There are regular rice and vegetarian rice. First placed on the table are melons, fruits and drinks. The dishes served afterwards are different. Take good care of monks and Taoists. However, the monks are vegetarians, and there are some monks who are not vegetarians. Long Cung should investigate and take care of everything. Li Xiukong, the fifth prince of the Tianyuan Kingdom, was very good at making friends. Only Zhang Ning is like a boring gourd. Sitting at the wine table, he is basically a transparent person. Ly Tu Khong saw the girl leading Truong Ninh and Ly Nguyen Ba in, so he welcomed Ly Nguyen Ba. Truong Ninh came and sat next to him. Ly Nguyen Ba of course would not despise Ly Tu Khong, so he led Truong Ninh to sit next to Ly Tu Khong. Ly Tu Khong graciously replaced the lady and poured wine for Ly Nguyen Ba and Truong Ninh, saying: "Although our cultivation level is too low, we cannot drink Vinh Ninh dragon fruit, but in terms of taste, this Tu Van mountain peach blossom The beer isn't bad either." Having finished speaking, Ly Tu Khong raised his glass towards Truong Ninh. Ly Nguyen Ba said: "Come on, let's drink some wine." Ly Nguyen Ba and Truong Ninh raised their glasses of wine and drank together. After Li Xiukong took care of Li Yuanba and Zhang Ning, he drank with other young people in the side hall. Every aspect can be taken care of. However, at the Dragon King's banquet, naturally it was not Ly Tu Khong's turn to be the main character. The Dragon King will naturally send people, of course the "younger" generation. Not long after, the real owner arrived. It was a female doll held in the arms of a plump girl. The female doll was very delicate and lovely, dressed in black, with skin as white as snow, and her big bright eyes were especially eye-catching. That was the Dragon King's beloved daughter, the three-year-old dragon girl Mo Heiyu. Mo Heiyu was hugged by Cengnu and sat in the main chair. Mugnu poured her wine. Mo Heiyu held a glass of wine in both hands that was much larger than her young hands and said solemnly: "Today is my father's birthday, thank you." Thank you to all the distinguished guests who came to congratulate me. Long life. I will treat my father to a bowl to receive all the distinguished guests." The child's voice was childish but not at all rude. The dragon girl was truly born to know that. “Princess, it's okay.” Ly Tu Khong, Ly Nguyen Ba, Truong Ninh, Trinh Kien Quang and the others all raised their glasses of wine and drank it with Long Nu. Long Nu drank it all in one gulp, very refreshing. However, Long Nu also knew how to be reasonable and was not rude. , but in the end he was still too young, not old enough. At the party, Ly Tu Khong was still competing for the spotlight, he was looking for someone to toast, anyone could say a word or two. Even if it was Truong Ning on this side, Li Xiu Kong can also say a thing or two. Zhang Ning is older than the other party, and his cultivation level is lower than the other party's, this seems vulgar. There is no way. After all, Zhang Ning has been wasted in the small world for decades. But Li Xiukong called Zhang Ning "Brother Zhang" very easily. "Brother Zhang. Master Zu Neng was a disciple of Master Fakong of the Vajra Academy of the Taolin Temple. Brother Zhang and Master Zu Neng were friends of the eight believers. Why don't you follow him and enter Taolin Temple to practice? " Truong Ninh clinked his glass and asked. Ly Nguyen Ba heard that he was drinking alone. Although Truong Ninh had some understanding, it did not mean that Truong Ninh needed him to solve everything. Zhang Ning put down the wine glass. and smiled and said: "I am a lay person with a second wife. Even though I practiced Buddhism, I was not allowed to enter Buddhism, so I never went to Taolin Temple to practice." It was also very surprising, but that was the best work of a greedy practitioner with There are many women, wives but few concubines. Zhang Ning announced that he has a second wife, which is very attractive. Wife, also. On the road to longevity, accompanying his wife is a Taoist priest. There are very few people. has two wives. "Brother Truong is truly a romantic person." Although Ly Tu Khong was surprised, he didn't say much, just smiled and said. Immediately, Ly Tu Khong politely said: "In that case, how about senior brother Truong join my court? Whether in the military or police, there are many good cultivation methods, including Taoism, Buddhism, and customs. There are spells, alchemy, formations, alchemy, etc. All weapons and puppets are complete. If Brother Truong wishes to court, I will definitely arrange a retreat for Brother Truong." Truong Ninh heard this and smiled and refused: "I'm used to being idle, but I'm not good at ordinary things. I'm afraid that entering court will delay big matters of the court. I can only refuse O Lang's kindness." Ly Tu Khong smiled and said. and stop talking about this topic. Of course Zhang Ning knew that the other party was not trying to win him over. His cultivation, status, sect, Truong Ninh, he is an unknown person, why does he need to compete for the five princes? It was only because he knew Vajra Academy disciple Ly Nguyen Ba that his identity was favored by the other person. In other words, the so-called smooth and sleek, is someone who is smooth. Of course, this does not mean that Ly Tu Khong is a hypocrite, there are all kinds of people. When I first met Li Xiukong, it was difficult to know what kind of person the other person was. But there is one thing, Zhang Ning is very serious. He doesn't want to go to court to work. In Daqi before, it was okay, but guarding heaven and hell was the ancestors' job. Now that you've arrived in heaven with a magic knife in your hand, do you still have to be a prison guard? If we talk about this banquet, that's it. Mo Heiyu hosted the show, but Li Xiukong stole the spotlight. Although Cheng Jianguang was looked down upon by others, he was not isolated. The other person was a disciple of a great man in the Long Mon Sect, always had good relationships, drank and laughed with three or five people, and was not an evil star in the sky. Sure, people are complicated, even practitioners. Although the other person's personal ethics were not good, because of his prominent position, it brought different results. However, this birthday party changed very quickly. A black mist quickly poured into the main hall from all directions. Truong Ninh reacted extremely quickly, frowning and reaching out to grab Ly Nguyen Ba from his side. But caught a blank! ! ! ! The black mist quickly dissipated, Truong Ninh raised his head to look at the sky. "What the hell is going on here????" I saw a ball hanging in the sky, let's call it a ball. Half of this sphere is chaos, the other half is pitch black, like a Tai Chi pattern, with clear distinctions and conflicts. It is demonic energy and demonic energy, both of which want to devour each other. Zhang Ning looked around, it was a pitch black place, surrounded by demonic energy, extremely pure magical energy. As far as Zhang Ning could see, he didn't see any obstacles, so it must be a plain, at least a flat land. Zhang Ning bent down and grabbed a handful of soil on the ground, which was weathered sand and gravel, and it turned into powder. Zhang Ning frowned, opened his mouth, and spat out the Shinto Golden Book. The Shinto golden book hung above Zhang Ning's head, and the golden light of Shinto hung down, making Zhang Ning as if he were a man of gold. "Where is Thanh Than's land?" Truong Ninh summoned Thanh Divinity and brought with him the Divine Dao Golden Book, but there was no response. There are no Yin parts in this place. Zhang Ning opened his mouth and swallowed the Shinto golden book back. "Where is this? How did I get here? What about my brother? Sure enough, following him, it's easy to encounter strange objects." Truong Ninh frowned. Zhang Ning has a character where the enemy cannot move, and I cannot move. Although this life encounters many strange things, there are not many. But with Li Yuanba, there will be more. Ly Nguyen Ba was too emotional. As soon as Chong Guan gets angry, he becomes a beauty. If he feels dissatisfied, he wants to hit hard. Often hovering between reason and impulsivity, doing irrational things. The delicate-looking little monk was actually a demon in chaos. That's why Truong Ninh often encountered many things when following him. Just now he reached out to grab this bastard. He instinctively wanted to catch this bastard. He encountered strange things and saved Ly Nguyen Ba first. network. Unexpectedly, he missed it. But as long as it comes, it will be safe. If Ly Nguyen Ba died so easily, he would have died a long time ago. Ly Nguyen Ba was a person who had a difficult life. Zhang Ning ignored Li Yuanba and focused on his surroundings. The demonic energy around his body was extremely pure. Truong Ninh bowed his head, with a Buddha knife and a demon knife inserted in parallel at his waist. Zhang Ning pulled out the Buddha knife, the surrounding demonic energy immediately eroded towards the Buddha knife, the Buddha light was suppressed to a pitiful extent. Demons and Buddha are not mortal enemies. But the strength attribute is completely opposite, it will instinctively suppress the opponent. Zhang Ning frowned, and put the Buddhist knife back into its sheath. I can't help but worry about that bastard Li Yuanba, under such a situation, Foyuan Buddhism is really severely suppressed. Truong Ninh immediately pulled out the magic knife, completely opposite to the Buddha knife, making a trembling sound, not fear but excitement, the magic knife made a happy sound. In this environment, Shendao is very satisfied. This knife is still the devil's knife, and Zhang Ning has not yet purified it. It was because of the incident at Phap Hoa Pagoda that the knife was lost, and if the knife was really lost, heaven would be too great to find it. For Zhang Ning, this magic knife is also extremely important. It was the ancestor of the Zhang family, the leader of the Zhang palace who gathered everything in the Zhang family and forged the True Demon Blade. In the future, Zhang Ning will hold this divine knife and go to the main altar of the Blood River God Sect to pluck it. So Zhang Ning had no plans to send this knife to Buddhism again. But regardless of love or real love, its foundation is still love energy. So Shendao really likes this environment. Zhang Ning opened his mouth and swallowed a stream of magical energy. The pure magical energy followed the meridians into the dantian and transformed into magical energy. With just this one breath, Truong Ninh's cultivation level increased a little. “This place is extremely special.” Truong Ninh said. For any magic practitioner, this place is a treasure. The same goes for Zhang Ning, but the most important thing right now is to find a way out. In this place, there seems to be no concept of east, west, south, or north, so we can only choose a random direction to move forward. Zhang Ning moved forward with the magic knife in his hand, breaking through the layers of demonic energy and moving forward. Because the magical energy was so strong, it affected Zhang Ning's vision and his vision was extremely low. But it does not affect hearing. “Senior brother, senior sister, senior brother, senior sister, help, help.” After walking about a mile, Truong Ninh heard a weak cry for help, a weak woman. With a crying voice, he kept calling out to his brother and sister, extremely pitiful. If normal people encountered such a situation, I'm afraid they would proceed cautiously. You must know that there are many monsters and demons in the wilderness. Not to mention such a strange environment. But Truong Ninh is obviously not afraid of trouble, but not afraid of anything. After all, this place is too strangely quiet, no matter whether you encounter people or monsters, you can get information. To avoid misunderstandings, Zhang Ning simply stuffed the magic knife back into his belt. He then strode in the direction of the sound, and after four or five miles the sound became distinct. After walking three or four miles, Truong Ninh saw the owner of the voice. It was a girl, about seventeen or eighteen years old. However, the monk has a handsome appearance, but the other person's real age should not be young. After all, it is the image of a girl, weak. Wearing a white dress and a pink bijia, she looked exquisite, with soft, white skin sitting on the ground, holding a sword in her hand. The delicate snow-white face was full of fear, helplessness and despair. There was a huge wound on his body, the wound went through the right chest, from the front one could see the wound behind. Blood continuously flowed from the wound. Constantly calling senior brother and senior sister. It can be seen that this girl is usually a cute little sister, loved by many brothers and sisters. Zhang Ning came to the girl very indifferently. The strange thing was that the girl didn't seem to see Zhang Ning, but still called. “Brother, sister, help, help.” Fear, despair, weakness. In the Tai Chi diagram in Zhang Ning's dantian, Foyuan immediately absorbed Moyuan and Foyuan's power immediately increased greatly. Zhang Ning released Foyuan, and his whole body seemed to be a golden man. Bright Buddha light. The girl disappeared like smoke. After the girl disappeared, Zhang Ning put away Foyuan, bent down and picked up a Qiankun bag and a sword from the ground. The Qiankun bag is not a big problem, but this sword has been corroded by demonic energy, and it has almost turned into a demonic sword. The blade is three meters long, has two blades, and is a very ordinary sword. At the end of the blade was a small line of words engraved, which Ly Minh Nguyet gave to my junior sister. Zhang Ning touched the sunken font and could feel the deep love in it. Zhang Ning is not a heartless person, he just follows the ups and downs of the world and does not want to get involved in the world's affairs. Especially human conflicts. Revenge, profit, conspiracy. Who can say? But at this moment, he also sighed. He put away his Qiankun bag and sword, and left this place. This girl is not a living person, not even a ghost, but just a mark formed under special circumstances. Before she died, she looked like this. It could be hundreds of years, thousands of years. This place is definitely very dangerous, and restricts Buddhist practice. Truong Ninh began to worry about Ly Nguyen Ba.

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    Falling stars, rushing waterfalls, deserted abysses, clear streams winding in the distance.

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    Ling Langya thought he would fall to the ground with a headache like Hu Xu's, but it only hurt for a moment, but he woke up immediately, hearing a gibbon's cry, but he was unharmed. The ape roared and roared, looking very fierce, but Ling Langya always had a feeling of déjà vu.

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    The narrator looked around, opened the paper fan and smiled and said: "So it's very bustling here, no wonder everyone ran out of the Thanh Phong building. The scene was even more bustling than my story, but I don't know if there is a fee or not, little brother, how about I collect an entrance fee for you?"

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    Vuong Thach's eyes suddenly became cold. He looked around at the four people and said in a deep voice: "So, if the old man breaks his promise, I will fight together with you to capture them."

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    The general said: "If you were young master Pianpianjia during the chaos that year, perhaps there would be. Now, an old beggar on the street, who would even glance at you."

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    Linglangya comes out from the depths of taboo and fierceness, and meanders down to the Qingxi River, without many bends along the way. Although there are countless powerful demon beasts here, unable to subdue the old man's ability, practicing with the old man every day, but now that Lang Lang Gia is leaving, he feels a bit helpless, but He didn't say goodbye, just looked after him. distance Silently crossing the sun and moon, crossing rivers and mountains, hungry to eat forest fruits, thirsty to drink clear stream water, finally drifting away, even the lonely back disappeared.

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    Phuc was very curious about how the narrator could clearly know events that had passed for so many years, could still speak up and down as if he were at the scene, but the narrator's face was not. don't get old. going through hundreds of years of world affairs.

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    Ling Langya thought to himself, it turned out he was wearing a mask that looked like human skin. No wonder when he looked closer, his face was pale and unnatural. But he didn't have time to think too much, grabbed his fist and said to the homeowner: "Landlord, don't blame them, I caused trouble first, I shouldn't have caused trouble before. stealing alcohol.”

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    And no one saw a streak of dark aura covering the back of Wang Shi's right hand, a drop of dark red blood flowing from the tip of his left index finger, a small hole cut by his left shoe and energy. The amount of depth was decreasing within him. body.

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    Looking out into the distance, the scenery remains the same step by step, each plant is filled with emotion.

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    The kitchen knife that chopped melons and cut countless vegetables pointed at the three of them from afar, as if they were meat on the cutting board.

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    Everyone listened, each with their own thoughts, then suddenly silence.

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    There was silence, and Aoki died. Die simply, die light. What kind of son is the Blue Dragon King, what kind of dragon, what kind of puppet of the Golden Dan Kingdom, just takes a breath and turns into ashes. This caused everyone to fall into dead silence. Mo Heiyu's words brought everyone back to reality from their dreams. Yes, Aoki is dead. And he is the son of the Azure Dragon King. And who is the Azure Dragon King? It is one of the highest fighting powers in Fengyue World, even much stronger than most Newborn Souls. Domineering, brutal, treacherous, cunning. Many people dislike Azure Dragon King, humans, water tribes, and land monsters, but Azure Dragon King lives a very beautiful and rewarding life. Why? strong. Not to mention the Thanh Dragon King, even those present, the Water Tribe and Luc Tinh Dieu, all had extraordinary backgrounds, and all followed their elders to attend the Dragon King's birthday party. Except for a few people, such as Li Yuanba, who was brought by his uncle Master Faxiu, and Master Faxiu's cultivation base was equivalent to the Taoist Golden Pill Realm, the remaining elders who came to the party were all is Yuanying. In other words, the Dragon King Palace right now has at least a hundred Primordial Heroic Spirits. The young souls of the world of Fengyue were linked together by the old Dragon King Mo Sheng's connection, and gathered here. At this moment, these Nguyen Anh Realm experts are probably in chaos, right? After all, they were all missing! But from another perspective, if their group of people went out of the real evil world, one person would suddenly go missing. For example, Ly Tu Khong died in the real demon world. So when the experts of Thien Nguyen Kingdom brought Ly Tu Khong to the banquet, will they give up? It must be tested to find out. If he knew exactly who killed Ly Tu Khong, he would definitely be extremely angry, and it would not be impossible for him to attack on the spot. And the one who died at this time was Aoki, son of the Azure Dragon King. With the Qinglong King's temperament, he could think about what would happen to his toes. Of course, it can be hidden, but there are too many people here and it cannot be hidden. That means, when Li Xiukong used the bamboo ticket to let everyone return to the Realm, Zhang Ning was faced with the terrifying existence of the Azure Dragon King. To be honest, everyone is not optimistic about Zhang Ning. Although Zhang Ning's knife is very special, it may even have powers beyond Fengyue's world. After all, looking back now, Zhang Chunnian of Tianbao Pavilion appreciated Zhang Ning so much that he gave Tianbao Pavilion a gold medal. Could it be that the terrifying power of this knife is just a realm of Yuan Ying? The Zhang family's vision in Tianbao Pavilion is not too shallow. But after all, Truong Ninh is just a kid in the Spirit Embryo realm, just starting out. This knife could be a war knife, or it could be a magical weapon. Zhang Ning was able to control the knife to kill the puppet of the Golden Core Kingdom, which was extremely surprising. Could Zhang Ning still be able to swing a knife and kill a powerful Primordial Spirit like the Azure Dragon King? Furthermore, puppets in the Golden Pill Kingdom are just puppets after all, not true demons or human monks, so there won't be too many solutions. And information will leak. Don't take the knife directly but find a detour to kill Truong Ninh, there are thousands of ways. Thinking like this, Zhang Ning on the contrary seemed like a boss boy holding gold in a busy market, ostentatiously walking through the market, surrounded by greedy eyes. Sitting on many treasures, but unable to protect itself, the end result was being torn into pieces. Zhang Ning may die if he leaves this world, and his magic sword will be chased by many powerful men. poor guy. Many people looked at Zhang Ning with pity. You have survived and obtained the pure yang flower, but you are about to turn into dry bones, your spirit and soul will be erased. Someone quickly turned around and greedily looked at the magic knife at Truong Ninh's waist. The little white tiger of the Lu He can protect you. But you must dedicate the magic knife in your hand to my father." "Hehe, that's right, don't be afraid, my father Yingxiongshan is not afraid of Azure Dragon King." The eagle also flapped its wings and smiled hehe. The little white tiger glared at the eagle angrily, and let out a cry of "oooooo." Everyone could see that the little white tiger had an intention. bad intentions. And the eagles want to take over the business, although the Lu Xing Yao clan is grouped together to fight against water and humanity. But internal conflicts also continue. Now in In their eyes, Truong Ninh is already Dao Dao's meat, naturally you will compete for it. Not only the little white tiger and little eagle, there are also other demonic beasts that also open their mouths to seduce. There is even a fox. The little red fox chuckled and said, "Truong Ninh, our fox house can not only protect you, but also send you beauties, each of them is beautiful." You have certainly heard about the most charming girl The witch is our fox tribe." Not only these demon tribes walk on land, but there are also some underwater tribes. The real Azure Dragon King very strong, and he needs to be afraid of three points. But in front of such a treasure, it seems that they can risk fighting the Azure Dragon King, so many aquariums also provide olive branches to recruit Zhang Ning's grave. The conditions are very generous. Even among humans, there are people who are moved. In general, everyone feels that Truong Ninh will die if he goes out, there is no other way. "Brother Truong Ninh , don't listen to what they say, the vast majority of them have bad intentions." Good Mo Heiyu heard evil, immediately felt evil rolling around, said angrily. She crawled from Zhang Ning's neck to Zhang Ning's arm and sat down with both hands and feet, she grabbed Zhang's clothes Ning held both hands and looked at Zhang Ning. "Brother Zhang Ning, don't worry, my father will protect you, he will not ask for a knife from you, the people of our Moh family are all upright." Mo Heiyu opened. With wide eyes, he spoke decisively. Many people agreed with Mo Heiyu's words. Na Guishou nodded and said: "Old Dragon King is very kind, will not be greedy for your treasures, he is a very good friend in Thien Nguyen Kingdom." There are many, and there are many human friends. Even if someone has malicious intentions and attacks aggressively, he can still protect you. But I don't think you will never leave the Dragon Palace in your life. hey, unless you break through the Newborn Soul." Once you achieve the Newborn Soul, you can use the magic sword, and you will be invincible. Otherwise, as long as Truong Ninh steps outside the Dragon Palace, he will be wiped out. Because even if the old dragon king is kind, he cannot protect Truong Ninh all his life. According to Guishou's understanding of the old Dragon King, protecting Zhang Ning in the Dragon Palace was probably the limit. Ly Tu Khong also said: "Brother Truong, no matter who you take refuge in, it has nothing to do with me. Let me be fair, the royal family of Thien Nguyen Kingdom has been associated with the Mac family for many generations, old Long." The king has enough skills, he will take care of you, but these monsters are simply not trustworthy." . "Master To Neng, your temple has also had a good relationship with the Mac family for many generations, do you feel the same?" Ly Tu Khong turned his head to Ly Nguyen Ba and said. Ly Nguyen Ba happily nodded and said: "Old Dragon King is indeed kind." Ly Tu Khong is not a bad person. Ly Nguyen Ba has been in this world for more than ten years and knows some things very well, he said. The old Dragon King was very trustworthy, but Zhang Ning believed it. What's more, the black jade in his hand was so sincere. Although Zhang Ning did not need the Old Dragon King's protection, he nodded with a smile, lightly touched the horn on Mo Heiyu's head and said, "Okay." "Ha ha. Mr. Zhang Ning." Mr. Mo Heiyu smiled, The little chubby hand hugged Truong Ninh's neck, rubbing his face into Truong Ninh's neck. It seems everything has been resolved. Those unexpected people also put away the evil thoughts in their hearts. Although they were not in harmony, if the old Dragon King protected them. That is also impossible. "If the matter is resolved, let's go, leave this world, return to the Dragon Palace, I believe the Dragon Palace is in chaos." Seeing that the matter had been resolved, Ly Tu Khong breathed a sigh of relief, then walked out of the Qiankun bag, the bamboo woven plate, this small, inconspicuous thing, brought them together to the Realm of Ghost Food. and experience this wonderful journey. "Return!" Ly Tu Khong said. Fengyue World, Yongning River Dragon Palace. There was no chaos in the Dragon Palace, but security was tight. Many Primordial Soul Realm experts who attended the meeting did not leave, and more Primordial Soul Realm experts arrived. Among them there are Taoist monks who are good at calculations, and there are also strange people in the cultivating world who are good at dealing with strange things. At that time, there was a black mist, and under the eyes of many Primeval Soul Realm experts, all the juniors were kidnapped and taken away. Dragon Palace was also chaotic for a while, but after the chaos, the experts also calmed down. Main hall of the Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace is very large, even the small Purple Star Palace can seat many people, let alone the main hall. This hall is where the Mohist Dragon King ascended the throne, and is also where grand court events are held. It is very large, luxurious and sophisticated. There are over a hundred newborn Souls sitting at this time. Humans, water monsters, land monsters. But no matter how big the palace was, it could not contain those giant monsters, so all the monsters present turned into humans. This was certainly a rare momentous occasion for so many newborns of different races to gather together, and only an existence like the old dragon king Mo Sheng could do this. Even though Nguyen Anh Linh had limited his aura, sitting with so many Nguyen Anh Linh was still very scary. This is the top fighting power in Fengyue World. On the Northern throne, the old dragon king Mac Thang transformed into an old man dressed in black. This old man had white hair, a handsome face, and a slim figure. The old Dragon King's face was usually soft and friendly. At this time, the old Dragon King also had a serious face, and even anger in his eyes. A Jiao will always be a Jiao, a powerful and peerless being. At his 3,000-year-old birthday party, nearly a hundred of his descendants disappeared together. Suspecting that he had been taken away by the magician, the old Dragon King was extremely angry at this time. “Daoist Huyen Ninh, have you found out who took my juniors?” A Taoist sat cross-legged in front of the old Dragon King. This Taoist had delicate eyebrows, red lips, white teeth, and was an immortal. Taoist Huyen Ngong closed his eyes tightly. After hearing these words, he opened them again, revealing a pair of clear eyes. "Old Dragon King, please forgive me for being stupid and stupid. I couldn't find out who stole this junior." Daoist Huyen Ninh shook his head and said. nervous! He is another master of the Xuanzi generation in Zixiao Palace who is famous for being good at counting. The so-called calculation is actually extremely simple. In these heavens there is no way of heaven, nor is there such thing as arithmetic. Human destiny is not fixed, it changes anytime, anywhere. Counting is not the divination of mortal charlatans. So what is counting? Counting is intelligence and knowledge. The more you know, the stronger your math becomes. For example, if you want to hunt down a person, you can obtain various types of information, and after calculating many types, you can roughly predict your opponent's actions and where they will hide. And the highest leaders of the Shinto religion are basically experts in calculation. They are extremely helpful, acting in the human world with the identity of thousands of people. They also have the city of the Shinto religion, the land is theirs. . ears and eyes. As long as you use magic and communicate with all parties, you can know most of the secrets in the world. It is extremely easy to deduce a person's whereabouts with inherent information. Even Daoist Huyen Ninh can rely on his own experience to deduce what the other person is, for example from clues. But unfortunately, in this world, things like the real ghost world have never happened, so he doesn't know. Taoist Huyen Ninh's words made the old Dragon King extremely disappointed. There was someone who was even angrier, and that was the Azure Dragon King. "What the hell took my son? If I find out, I will wipe out his family and turn his bones to ash." A domineering voice rang out. Qinglong King is a middle-aged man with a square face, round eyes and a strong physique, wearing a green shirt. He carelessly unleashed his dragon power, causing a storm on the Yongning River, the huge dragon power stunned the clam girl and the guards in the Palace, even the mighty Water Tribe did not may not feel weak. Unless it is Nguyen Anh's soul, it is very difficult to resist. On the other hand, strong winds and waves formed on the river's surface, large ships rushed into the Vinh Ninh River, countless humans cried and fell into despair. "Qing Long, calm down, the old man's daughter was also taken away, the old man is also angry, but what's the use of being angry?" The dragon palace stopped shaking, blocking the violent storms on the Vinh Ninh River . The old dragon king also ordered the water tribe in the river to save those people and push the big boat back to shore, avoiding a disaster. It was the old dragon king who tried his best to restrain the water tribe that was able to have such a good reputation. “Huh.” Thanh Long Vuong looked very unsightly, he snorted softly, but he didn't bother anymore, this was the old dragon's territory, even he had to be respectful. Who, who took my son? The Thanh Long King roared in his heart. It was conceivable that if he knew who had taken his son away, he would definitely be chased and killed by this powerful green dragon and die endlessly. At this moment, in the Dragon Palace, a black mist appeared from somewhere, but not in the main hall, but in the three side halls, which were also the side halls where the descendants of the human race and water tribe lived. , and a race of land monsters was built. The last time it appeared was very brief, very sudden, and your newborn Souls did not have time to learn what kind of power it was. But now, he noticed. "Huh? This is a space fluctuation!!! Are they going to another world?" Everyone noticed, a bit surprised. Because their descendants have all returned. Only the Azure Dragon King was angry. "Where is my son!!!!!"

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    The Old Dragon King lost his temper, but Zhang Ning did not. Although Chu Giang Vuong's status was also taken advantage of, it brought many conveniences. But in reality, Zhang Ning didn't care too much, he was Zhang Ning from Yangjian, not Chujiang King from Yinsi God Sect. Zhang Ning liked Mo Heiyu very much, because he called him Old Dragon King and treated him as an uncle, he would not change. "Old Dragon King is talking nonsense, I consider Hei Yuna as my sister, how can I consider her as my leg?" Zhang Ning seriously shook his head. "I lost my temper." Old Dragon King calmed down and smiled shyly. But it was really a rare opportunity, and I was confused for a while. The opponent is So Giang Vuong, what a great opportunity. But think about it another way. As the king of Chujiang, since he recognized Mo Heiyu as his sister, he would be a promise, and it would be difficult to keep. Why not a sister, but a mount? This is not chasing things, this is not confusion, what is? Old Long Vuong sighed deeply in his heart, thinking: "Indeed, my best daughter, both talented and lucky than me, sat at home and went to the True Demon Realm, then met King Chu Giang. It's really a great blessing to be called a brother. I'm a little jealous of this old man. If I had such an opportunity back then, I'm afraid I would have turned into a real dragon and gone, what else would there be? "The king of Vinh Ninh Ha?" Old Long Vuong thought of it and didn't mention it anymore. But he didn't dare to really consider himself Elder Truong Ninh, standing with both hands tied, quite respectful. Seeing this, Zhang Ning also knew that he might not be able to come back. Just take it personally. The old dragon king considered me as King So Giang, but I still considered him as an uncle. "The world is in chaos. If the world knows my identity, there will be no peace. I also ask the old Dragon King to keep my secret. Even if it is a black jade, it must not be revealed." Truong Ninh said and immediately cupped his hands. But it wasn't because he was afraid of causing trouble, but because he was afraid of meeting a disciple or spending all day looking for an opportunity, a great monster. This is chaos in the world. "Okay." Old Dragon King agreed. Immediately, he became confused, after all, he was a bit of a natural, and suddenly didn't know what to say. A moment later, the old Dragon King noticed Thanh Long Vuong's soul in front of Truong Ninh, found the reason, and asked: "From what Chu Giang Vuong just said, you intend to capture Thanh Long's body in exchange for it." get money?" , old Dragon King Do you want to talk about lack of money? Tell me, I have lost everything, and I want to collect the treasures and dedicate them to you. But Old Ancestor Dragon King thought carefully, so he couldn't say that. It seems like the majestic Wang Zhujiang is still short of money? "That's right. I still have family and disciples waiting to eat. I can't make money, I can only find a few dragons with no eyes, tigers are tigers, then sell them." Truong Ninh nodded, then glanced at the old Dragon King and said seriously: "Old Dragon King and Thanh Long are from the same Dragon family. If I sell Thanh Long, there will be no taboos, right? If he Dragon King is in trouble, I will kill him." The Old Dragon King quickly waved his hand, shook his head as if shaking, and said: "There are as many dragons in the world as cow hair. In rivers and seas, perhaps an ordinary carp has dragon blood on it. Everyone has a life." own. Regardless of whether the king of Zhujiang kills the green dragon or exchanges it for money, it is the same. The king of Zhujiang's freedom." At this time, the old dragon king helped and said: "King So Giang extracted the Thanh Dragon's soul with the chains of the Shinto religion. The body was preserved very well. This body is a priceless treasure in this world of wind and moon. But this soul is not bad." . I will help King So Giang erase Qinglong's soul consciousness, King So Giang can exchange it for money." The old dragon king erased Qinglong's consciousness and the soul was frozen. Zhang Ning looked down and placed the soul my soul into Wanbaofan. Immediately there was another conversation, but another silence, and there was really nothing to say. Truong Ninh had nothing more to say, and the old Dragon King did not dare to talk nonsense . Zhang Ning thought for a moment and said: "Old Dragon King, those who just escaped must be the Dragon King in the sea, right?" You should find a way to tell them not to reveal my identity indiscriminately, and I will forget the past. By the way, please help me find my identity. "Niu, the sea is wide, but I don't know where to find it." "Yes. The one-horned black dragon is hundreds of meters long, but first come to the three old dragon kings and mobilize the water tribe to find Niu Er Sau There, he informed Tiger King and Eagle King not to reveal Zhang Ning's identity. Zhang Ning really had no intention of causing trouble for those people. Run away! Run away. The Old Dragon King handled the matter. The matter was very proper, Mr. Long's father heard that So Giang Vuong had an order so he did not dare to ignore it, mobilized contacts, mobilized the aquarium to find Truong Ninh the stupid cow. Three days later, Zhang Ning found Niu Er on the river. an island. This is an archipelago, the islands are not far from each other, shaped like a half moon, on the island there is vegetation, the beach is full of coconut trees, the jungle has goats. Zhang Ning saw the lazy cow of I was lying on my stomach, lazily under the sun. Occasionally it snorted and wagged its tail. Zhang Ning saw this very happily, this stupid cow said that he was looking for Dahe to practice the true method of Tianshui. But it turns out he is hiding here and basking in the sun in a daze. I was worried in vain, along the way, a lot of things happened. Zhang Ning flew Wanbaofan down from the sky and landed in front of Niu Er. Niu Nhi heard the movement and opened his eyes. Seeing Truong Ninh, he said proudly: "Master!!!" "Master, master, quickly take me back, I can't move anymore." into a beautiful girl with horns and big breasts, a bell around her neck and a space bag around her waist. Then, he used all his strength to rush towards Truong Ninh. “What's wrong?” Zhang Ning realized that Niu Er didn't seem to be joking, but seemed very tired, so he couldn't help but frown. "Master knows, I have true dragon bloodline, ox god bloodline, I come from a noble background (thief), but because of bloodline mutation, there is no inheritance, I truly inherited it from Thien Thuy." Long love, and I will be happy." I rushed to the Vinh Ninh River through the clouds and fog. But there are many aquariums on the Vinh Ninh River, so I have some taboos. I go east along the river and to the sea. Then, I practiced Tianshui true method, achieved some success, ate the blood of a real dragon given by the demon dragon, as a result, the dragon blood and cow blood in my body began to fight, The eastern wall can't overwhelm the western wall, and the western wall can't overwhelm the eastern wall, I feel very uncomfortable and have no strength." Niu Er stuck out her soft tongue, half dead. Zhang Ning frowned even more when he heard these words. This cow really had an extraordinary background, and his parents were absolutely not idle people. Niu Er thinks his parents are dead, but Zhang Ning suspects that Niu Er's parents may not be dead. Could such a powerful existence really die so easily? Anyway, Zhang Ning was suspicious. Either way, these are irresponsible parents. Leaving her daughter in her small world to fend for herself. There is no legacy left behind. He wanted to swallow the real dragon blood and purify the dragon blood in his body, but it caused a fierce conflict with the bull's blood. My cow is so pitiful. "Then there's no need to eat the True Dragon's blood. I have time for you to find some tricks for the Demon Race. You can only wait. If you don't have the inheritance, you can gather the forces of a hundred sects and create." out you." own method." Zhang Ning lovingly touched Niu Er's head and said. "My master doesn't hurt his back when he stands and talks, I'm not your master either, I'm smart and talented, stupid as a cow, incapable of creating "one's own methods." Niu Er rolled her eyes and muttered. "Pa" Zhang Ning clenched his index finger and lightly flicked Niu Er's forehead with a smile. Niu Er covered his forehead and cried out, feeling aggrieved. Zhang Ning carried Niu Er and sat on Wanbaofan, and while driving Wanbaofan back to Suolong village, he said to Niu Er: "When I have a chance, I will create a method for you." pleasantly surprising path. She knew how intelligent and terrifying Truong Ninh was, and she also knew that Truong Ninh was the King of the Divine Sect of So Giang King. “Of course it's true.” Truong Ninh smiled and said. Niu Nhi quickly hugged Truong Ninh's waist, rubbed Truong Ninh hard, happily took it off, narrowed his eyes and said: "Master is so kind." I don't know if all dragons like to rub people or not, Mac Hac Ngoc also has this problem. Truong Ninh thought to himself. Go all the way west, eventually returning to Suolong village. Next to this Bach Van nunnery, in the village there are many Buddhists and villagers working day after day, things seem normal, but there is a village trapped by a demon dragon. Zhang Ning didn't want to shock the world too much, so he controlled Wan Baofan to land in a far away place. Niu Er was then transformed into a sacred cow, and the two walked back to the village on their own two feet. It's been several months since then, and winter is coming. The fields outside the village, the crops already harvested, were deserted. The villagers have nothing to do in their free time, so they often fight Tiger Fist. Zhang Ning is very famous in the village because of his excellent boxing skills. After going out for several months and not returning, the villagers were quite worried. Seeing Truong Ninh returning with the cow, he showed joy and came forward to say hello. Truong Ninh each bowed one by one, then returned to temporarily stay in the small yard. Pushing open the door and entering, leaves were piled up in the yard, no one had cleaned them up for many days. As for Zhang Zishan, Li's sister's room, the door was tightly closed and Zhang Ning could only hear a sigh. Zhang Ning smiled, took out the broom from Wanbaofan and swept a clean place first. Niu Er couldn't wait to lie down in a clean place and fall asleep. Zhang Ning then cleaned up the small yard, piled the leaves together and activated the true essence, and a bit of real fire was activated at his fingertips, burning the fallen leaves. In the realm of the spirit fetus, the use of true energy is not much different from that of people in the world, so the fighting skills are only more splendid. But Zhenyuan is different from Zhenqi after all. Zhang Ning has seen many methods, and it is not difficult to create fire. After lighting the fire, Zhang Ning blew on the leaves again, the fire rose up, burning all the fallen leaves. Then Truong Ninh clapped his hands and walked out of the main bedroom, opened the door and entered. Seeing a layer of dust falling in the bedroom, Truong Ninh gently touched the layer of dust, thinking to herself that the little sister of the Ly family had probably been in seclusion for more than a month. Seeing her diligently cultivating, Truong Ninh did not bother her, but even went to the bed and sat side by side with the Ly family's younger sisters, carrying his Tran Nguyen. Five days later, the Ly family's younger sister woke up, and Truong Ninh also opened her eyes. “Mr. Truong, you're home.” The Ly family's younger sister hugged Truong Ninh in surprise, slapped Truong Ninh, then happily kissed her. “Nuu Nhi is also back.” The Ly family's younger sister sensed that Niu Nhi had also returned, so she quickly pushed the door out and happily hugged Niu Nhi, but Niu Nhi was still weak so she didn't pay much attention. for the younger sister of the Li family. The Ly family's younger sister was a little confused so she returned to the room and asked Truong Ninh: "Brother Truong Ninh, is there something wrong with Niu Nhi?" "YES." Truong Ninh nodded and roughly told the Li family's younger sister about Niu Er. Ly's younger sister looked miserable and said: "Nuu Nhi is also difficult." But the Truong family loves each other very much, whether they are husband and wife, disciples or mounts, they all get along very well. The younger sister of the Li family and Niu Er are very close. Zhang Ning smiled and said: "Niu Er is very talented, and I'm taking care of her. Don't worry, don't worry about her." Zhang Ning is very confident. The Ly family's younger sister also trusted Truong Ninh. Hearing that, she hummed and let it go, revealing a happy expression. The couple talked for a while, Zhang Ningcai took out the bottle given to the old Dragon King by Wanbaofan, gave it to his younger sister Li, and briefly explained the situation. “Brother.” The Ly family's little sister bit her lip when she heard that, her eyes turned slightly red, and her heart was very touched. Although Ly Nguyen Ba is indeed a bastard in some ways, his advantages are also very prominent. And this elixir was actually obtained by the eldest brother and her husband together. Of course, the younger sister of the Ly family did not forget about Truong Ninh. She spat and smeared it on Truong Ninh's face. Immediately, Zhang Ning asked the Li family's younger sister to swallow the elixir. The younger sister named Ly nodded, took out a medicinal pill as white as snow, fragrant as a longan, from the bottle, and swallowed it. Pure Duong Hoa was extremely domineering, the old dragon king was grateful to Truong Ninh for his kindness in rescuing his daughter, consuming a lot of medicinal herbs to help neutralize the medicine. As the old Dragon King said, after taking this medicinal pill, it will be possible to change the talent of the little sister of the Ly family, strengthening her body and soul. There is no harm in Baili. This is also extremely important to Zhang Ning. Among the members of the Truong family, the younger sister of the Ly family has the poorest character. Niu Er and Zhang Zishan have different talents, but Liu Xiuxiu is blessed by Bodhisattva. Zhang Ning himself didn't need to say anything. It's great that the Li family's younger sister can keep up. This elixir is not small, it took the little sister of the Ly family half a month to digest the elixir. After waking up, a little black dirt appears on the skin, which is due to impurities in the body being excreted. “Ah ah.” The little sister of the Ly family cried out and quickly went to get water to wash herself, but it turned out to be a beautiful white girl. Afterwards, the Ly family's younger sister cleaned up the bedroom, then went into seclusion to practice with Truong Ninh. Now they can refuel and eat food. There are no other problems, so cultivation is the main thing. In fact, this is the normal state of practitioners. Dreaming for 30,000 years, when I wake up I'm already a fairy. Another month passed, Truong Ninh suddenly woke up. In other words, the people in the villages in many surrounding places have awakened. It was a dark night. "Ah!!!" A dragon roar rang out. Something happened to the demon dragon in Suolongjing.

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    Inside the coffin was a woman dressed in white as beautiful as snow, hair as black as a waterfall, beautiful appearance, but her eyes were tightly closed, never waking up.