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    It is not exactly the same as the sniper shooting and head shooting scenes depicted in blockbuster movies, in reality, snipers rarely aim for the head and shoot in the head when performing sniping in long distance, they often shoot at the chest, because the target is the chest. larger than the head, the chest is much larger, the chest is much more critical, the heart, liver, and lungs can die in a short time, with no chance of waking up. The first is different, the first is a small target, the second is flexibility, when pulling the trigger and the opponent twists his neck, the bullet can miss, in addition there is a bulletproof helmet that is super uncomfortable to aim at, the area is even is smaller, and heading is not a smart choice. The seasoned sniper was definitely not looking for headshots like the rookies who liked to show off, so he initially aimed for the chest, but now it was clear that shooting at the chest was useless, so he must aim at the face. But everyone on the other side was wearing steel helmets, the possibility of the bullet missing was not small, so we could only aim at the face, what a headache!

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    Xue Jianqiang was busy instructing workers to weigh and load goods onto trucks, and didn't even notice that someone he knew had come to his construction site, so Li Man could only consider himself unlucky and find a clean place. Will leave it at home and play with my phone. I'm bored on the phone, hoping the noisy scene will quickly go away. And Xue Jianqiang did not let her wait long. Under his command, the workers worked extremely efficiently, were busy for a while, and took just over two hours to weigh all the seafood that Xue Jianqiang brought. . car. That guy checked his account, oh, there was another large sum of money coming in. He happily shook hands with those big bosses, a smile on his face: "Thank you for your consideration, thank you for your kindness." Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for your consideration. patronize!"

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